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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: Motor Valuations and Mechanical (Engineer) Reports

Q:   How long does it take to do a valuation or mechanical report?
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The process takes approximately 45 minutes, providing the vehicle is not a rare kind in Jamaica or some European models such as BMW's, Mercedes, Audi's etc. Your waiting time however can be shortened if you have us e-mail your report to you, your insurance broker, insurance company or financial institution.


Q: What good reason is there to have my vehicle inspected by an independent motor appraiser such as yours, if the traffic depot authorities say the car is roadworthy, shouldn't that be good enough?

It is a known fact that many vehicles are illegally "Passed" without ever going to the Government traffic depot. Many of these vehicles are stolen or cloned and it's important that you are secure in knowing that:

- VIN's (Vehicle Identification Numbers) decode to specification.

- Accident history.

- Engine check.

- Frame check.

- Suspension check.

- Brake check.

- Recommendation for roadworthiness.

Q: Do the valuations include after-market parts, such as fancy rims, modifications and parts that are not provided by the manufacturers?

No. To add these items it is advisable for you to provide proof of purchase and or invoices so that they can be added as separate items if so warranted.

Q: Why do BMW's, Mercedes and other such models take so long?

These expensive models have many different features and we have to get detailed information for each vehicle individually from the dealers by quoting chassis and other specifications.

Q: Is there a different charge to value a BMW?

Yes. The latest CIF pricing and information that we have to get from the dealer incurs a charge that we have to pay to the dealer.

Q: Do I get pictures with my valuation/mechanical report?

If your insurance company, your broker or financial institution require photographs, we do have a low additional fee of $300 to give 2 photos of the front and rear of the vehicle as well as a photo of the vehicle identification number and code plate. However, this additional cost can be saved if you have us e-mail your report to you, your insurance broker, insurance company or financial institution.

Q: What documents do I need to get a valuation or mechanical report?

The vehicle Fitness and Registration Certificates.

FAQs – Damage Assessment Reports

Q: How long does it take to do a damage assessment report?

Text Box:  The physical inspection and photographing is done within 24 hours after we receive your instructions (weather and unexpected situations permitting). The rest of the process usually takes a few days subject to parts availability, making sure all damage is accounted for and nothing is left off the estimate and discussing and agreement the charges with your repairer.

Q: What documents are needed to assess damage to a vehicle?

Fitness and Registration Certificate, a copy of your claim form, a properly done estimate from your repairer, telephone and other information so that we can communicate easily to get the job done.


FAQs – Accident Reconstruction & Forensic Animation

Q: What is accident reconstruction & forensic animation and what are their functions?Text Box:

Accident Reconstruction is a specialist field in the investigation and analysis of traffic accidents. This profession requires considerable training and experience.

Our company is the pioneer in this field with over 15 years experience and over 4,000 closed cases. Accident Reconstruction goes beyond the investigation normally performed by police personnel or private investigators.

Text Box:  Forensic animation is a branch of forensic science in which visual recreations of incidents or accidents are created to aid the victims, their attorneys or their insurance companies. Examples include the use of computer animation, stills, and other visual aids.

Application of computer animation in solving traffic accidents today is becoming more popular. The basic objective of the animation is to portray or convey a scene which might otherwise be hard to visualize. The use of animation evolves along with the laws of physics and provides specific details of speed, time and distance of the vehicles, objects or persons involved in the ordeal. This form of visual testimony is also key in providing the audience with a tool to see how the accident occurred "as if they were there" and stimulate settlement of damages.

Q: How can your expert in accident reconstruction help me?

Call Advanced Insurance Adjusters, at (876) 926-0969/ 929-4718/ 9293785 or e-mail.
There is no initial cost to review your case. We will review and discuss the cost estimate based on your needs.

Q: What other issues can your accident reconstructionist address?

Vehicle speed, perception time and distance, crush analysis of the vehicle by measuring the crushed profile and calculating the energy loss and equivalent barrier speed (EBS), speed from skidding, conservation of linear momentum, collision avoidance, contributory negligence, diagrams and many other issues.

Q: Are computer programs used to reconstruct accidents?

Yes, we use certified computer programs and continually research and upgrade with new technology. Some of these programs are very complex and require considerable training to use them correctly.

Q: What does it cost to reconstruct an accident?

There is no set fee for the reconstruction or analysis of injuries in a traffic accident. There is no charge for the initial review. With this review, we can provide a cost estimate based on your requirements.

Q: Do you prepare scale diagrams and other exhibits?

Yes. We prepare various types of scale diagrams, aerial photos, animations and scale models and other mediation, arbitration or courtroom documents.